About us
                                      About us

                                      Zibo YingZhao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Qilu Petrochemical Industrial Park, the largest chemical base of China, in Linzi reputed as an ancient cultural capital with a long history and the well-known home of football and adjacent to Qilu Petrochemical Rubber Factory and Jiaoji Railway, Jiqing Expressway and National Highway 309 in the north.


                                      Founded and put into operation in February 2006, the company has a floor area of more than 60,000 square meters, processing equipment with domestic leading level, and annual productivity of 30,000 tons. It implements DCS centralized control. It is predicted that the phase II project, with total output of over 60,000 tons, would be put into production in 2008.


                                      The company specializes in production and sale of stearic acid, glycerin, fatty amine, surfactant, hardened oil, etc. These products are widely applied to mine flotation, plastic, rubber, printing and dyeing, daily chemical, medicine, pitch, candle, petrochemical, and other industries.


                                      The company, under the business philosophy of “Market-oriented, Customer-centered”, advocates green environmental protection and is in pursuit of “Raise Higher Quality, Meet Requirements of Customers”.


                                      The company has been devoted to continuous innovation and development of new handicraft, technology and products through making good cooperation relations with domestic chemical engineering academies and scientific research institutions. It, with a thorough market marketing network at home, provides Qilu Rubber Factory with fatty acid and fatty acid amide, and actively develops overseas market. Its products are available around the world and win wide approval of customers.


                                      Zhou Minghuai,chairman of the board, warmly welcomes to contact us for common development.

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